Southern Dutch BBQ Rub Pack

Southern Dutch BBQ Rub Pack

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Brought to you by ‘Southern Dutch” Competition BBQ team.

 The pack consists of:

A touch of Sweet 454g – This unstoppable rub took 1st place in the American Royal Rub Contest 2018

A Pinch of Heat 454g – A great all purpose rub with a ‘Pinch of Heat’ as the name suggests 🙂

Finishing Dust 70g – If you want to bring your protein to the next level, this is what you need! Inspired by competition barbecue, they have developed this flavor booster! This Dust will enhance the flavor of every protein, but even your veggies or potatoes like it. It adds this beautiful edge of umami to your product. Sprinkle it on your finished product right before consuming, like you put salt on your fries. But we need to warn you: be careful, don’t overpower it!