Kettle Kone - The Generator

Kettle Kone - The Generator

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Take your Hot & Fast cooking game to the next level with the  Kettle Kone from TB2 BBQ Smokers 

The Kettle Kone is super easy to use and offers two distinct cooking methods. 

Small end up for high heat indirect cooking – perfect for Kettle Fried Chicken, lamb ribs/chops, seafood, vegetables and desserts & so much more  

Small end down for high heat direct & indirect cooking – perfect for the ultimate reverse seared steak 

The Kettle Kone by TB2 BBQ Smokers has been turbo charging BBQs since 2017 and its original square shape is Australian designed, owned and manufactured using Australian materials.

The models of BBQs that THE GENERATOR can be used in are:   

- Weber Compact Kettle
- ProQ Excel Elite 20 (New Model)