Angus & Oink - Japanese BBQ Rub - Togorashi BBQ Rub  - 220g

Angus & Oink - Japanese BBQ Rub - Togorashi BBQ Rub - 220g

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Use Togorashi BBQ rub for grilling tuna, serious beef, wagyu, seafood or Godzilla…. this is a monumental rub. As soon as you open the tub it will hit your nostrils with a full tsunami force up side the head. Pungent, mellow, salty, sweet, umami sprinkles with a spike of heat from Sancho pepper. Beauty is the beast.



The Togorashi BBQ rub was developed with inspiration from Japan where A&O spent three weeks in Tokyo cooking on little hibachi grills. The amazing earthiness of deep sea flavours, octopus fried dumplings, wafer thin slivers of wagyu cooked hot and fast over searing coals. The sizzle of meat and those tantalising Japanese flavours, age old purity.



Apply the rub to a moist meat surface prior to cooking and allow the Himalayan sea salt to soak in. Cook over medium heat and toast the sesame seeds, add more seasoning throughout the cook to build layers of umami flavour.